Katherine Hope - Toronto, ON

Creative Strategy +
Visual Consulting + 
Art Direction  +

The elevator pitch is that “I, working with a great team, strategize how to make beautiful content for each of your brand's channels - optimized for top performance per outlet". 

What that looks like

  • Taking the guidelines you've developed for your brand and adapting the creative look & feel to fit the various marketing channels you'd like to live on. Content is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

  • Conceptualizing brand spots, campaign roll-outs, stand-alone visuals, and always-on social content to tell your brand's story.

  • Applying strategy and research to the vision you have for your brand, translating it into a beautiful and effective master brand look and feel. Once we have this nailed down, we can roll your visual narrative out across everything your consumer touches.

  • Producing shoots, design tasks, video edits, web developments - or whatever other creative needs are required to ensure your content shines.

  • Directing a team of designers, motion graphic artists, photographers, videographers, and so on - either on-location, in the studio, or in the art department of the agency I work at.